Top 5 Benefits of Community Service

Community service is about helping others. It’s a good opportunity for students to do something good for others and benefit from the experience. Service opportunities exist everywhere, and with many different types of organizations. The following are Top 5 Benefits of Community Service.


1. Happiness – we all crave for happiness. The happiness which one gets by being involved in the betterment of the community is just not measurable. Happiness is a positive feeling which can help us with our (self) all-round development.


2. Satisfaction and Reduces stress. Satisfaction and relaxation of the mind are the benefits which one can reap by being part of the community program. Being in a community program is like a hobby that one chooses. With stress becoming an inevitable part of everyone’s life, this helps reduce the level of stress one goes through. You can decrease stress while volunteering for example while you are within a rotator cuff strain recovery time


3. Morals and values. Values like honesty, humbleness, gratefulness, and being non-judgmental are some of the many things that children can learn by doing community service. It helps kids think beyond themselves and gain a wider perspective on life.


4. Understand the importance of community program. When we see improvement in something we are working for, it builds on our drive to create a much better future for those who do not get a chance.


5. Job Skills. There are various areas of community service that deal with different careers. These can include hospitals, schools, politics and many more. By getting the opportunity to volunteer in any of those areas, kids will get a better idea of what they might be interested in once they get older. It also helps build skills like teamwork, leadership, time management, etc. that will help kids be more prepared for the future.


Community service is a wonderful leadership skill because it gives teens the chance to work with others and learn from them. Everyone has something to offer, and by helping others, student leaders will discover that they, too, end up being helped.